Why Charity Right

Charity Right is committed to fighting hunger, one person at a time. We specifically work in some of the world’s hardest to reach areas that other charities don’t work in. We seek out vulnerable communities worse affected by hunger and alleviate their daily struggles through providing regular meals.

On Eid day we will be on the ground distributing fresh meat to the neediest of families.

By donating your Qurbani through Charity Right you will ensure they can receive the gift of meat on Eid Day. You will be giving them their first taste of meat in a long time. And for some families, your Qurbani will be their first taste of meat ever.

You will be giving so many families in need a memorable gift.  You will ensure parents can serve their children meat on Eid Day.

Full Cow Sheep / Goat Cow (1/7th share)
Sudan £450 £125 £65
Pakistan, Thar £500 £180 £72
Somalia £90
Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh £500 £125 £72

If you would like to donate your Qurbani through Charity Right CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW. You can also call 01274 400389 or e-mail info@charityright.org.uk for more information.